Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 10, ‘Buried’: Am I Under Arrest?

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 10 (titled “Buried”) had a hard act to follow after the explosive first entry of the much-anticipated final season.

In the episode before Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 10, (spoilers start HERE) a plot arc that began in the last moments of the last episode of last season came to a shocking, sudden, dramatic head.

Yes, Hank’s realization that the man he’s been chasing all along was his own brother-in-law was one that perhaps quite realistically, the hot-headed DEA agent was unable to keep to himself for very long.

No sooner did Hank get Walt alone in the garage did he confront the man he now knows to be Heisenberg — which while unexpected kind of makes sense. Could you keep that to yourself after years of chasing an elusive mass murdering drug kingpin? Could anyone, in real life?

But the seeming resolution in Breaking Bad’s Season 5, Episode 10 led to a host of other tense situations. How could Hank move forward and still be Hank? What happens to Sky and Holly and Walt, Jr.? What is up with Jesse, anyway?

The ep’s most tense and memorable moments both involved Skyler, as she fought separately with Hank and Marie. As Hank (in somewhat Hank-esque fashion) pressures her into an immediate interview without a lawyer and fails to pick up on her increasing level of panic, she begins frantically asking in a restaurant whether she’s under arrest before fleeing in tears. (Watch, above.)

In a later scene, Marie attempts to talk her into immediately cooperating against Walt before herself becoming unhinged, grabbing baby Holly and trying to run away with her. (Star Anna Gunn later confirms a “plastic baby” was used during the upsetting ensuing tug of war.)

Perhaps most shockingly however, Sky in the end urges Walt to hold his spot and assume Hank has no leverage, reminding him that there is no way the money will stick around if he’s arrested.

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