World Record Pizza Cooked In Texas By The Dirt Road Cookers

A world record pizza has been cooked in Texas, and it took over two years to create the dish which is nearly the size of a caravan at 50 square feet.

This new record is twice as large as the previous record holder, and was completed by The Dirt Road Cookers, who are a group of eight caterers.

Kurt Oefinger leads the caterers, which consists of seven other chefs who are based in San Antonio, Texas, and came in at 46.64 square feet, while it was baked in a specially designed giant oven.

The team created the pizza at the Guinness World Record museum, which is located in the city, and officials were then on hand to confirm its new record status.

It took one hour and 45 minutes to create the pizza, which eclipsed the old record, previously held by Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria in Los Angeles, California, and it went on to become a hit with celebrities. Now, Mr Oefinger is hoping that his pizza will have the same effect.

Oefinger remarked, “To set a new world record for the largest commercially available pizza was never something we set out to do, it just kind of happened we were already doing it without knowing.”

He then added, “When it came to my knowledge I could get into the record book for it then decided to look into the paper work and see how it could be made official.”

Oefinger then revealed more details about the pizza, remarking, “Our pizza is 92.5 inches in diameter and weighs roughly 100lb per pizza – it’s over 46.5 square foot and there are eight of us who work together to create it.”

He also described the cooking process, stating, “I’m the team leader, one looks after the fire, two are on toppings, we have two girls who help us with water and things like that because it gets hot and two work on the base.”

[Image via Gabriele Maltinti/Shutterstock]

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