What is going on with the Tennessee Titans?

The more and more I read and hear about what happened with the Tennessee Titans this week, the more it looks like exactly what happened in Minnesota. This is a really weird case, and it looks like both Head Coach Jeff Fisher and QB Vince Young will not be with this team come 2011. Once again a show down is brewing between the coach and Titans’ owner Bud Adams. The contention will be Young’s future with this football team.

So after Young was taken out of the game against the Washington Redskins it looks like he may have pulled off his jersey and pads and thrown them into the crowd. Afterwards the two were reported to have a heated exchange in the locker room, and Fisher may have gone as far as to say Young would never be his starting QB again.

Since Young has since been placed on Injured Reserve that situation should have been placed on a back burner, but today at the Titans’ practice facility conflicting reports are emerging that Young had been sent home and barred from said facility. Fisher has since stated that he banned Young from a team meeting when he accused the QB of quitting on the team.

This is an ugly situation that has actually been brewing since last season. Owner Bud Adams is squarely behind Vince Young as we remember him flipping everyone the bird when Young return to a starting role last year to lead the team to a win. Fisher, who is the longest serving Head Coach in this league, may have decided a job with the Dallas Cowboys is a heck of a lot better than being the coach of the Titans. Of course we will have to wait and see how the rest of this plays out.

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