Hot Dog Legs Tumblr Proves Disturbing Body Image Trend

For most Tumblr is a place where you can share and reblog your favorite photos and artistic creations from users across the social networking site. These items range in area of interest from celebrities, to cat memems to hot dog legs.

You may be asking yourself, what are hot dog legs? Before you start googling recipes on how to create your own hot dog legs, let us state clearly that this is not a food. In fact, it’s a body image that has started to trend heavily on Tumblr.

Starting in the summer, this trend involves beach babes posing with their legs spread a part in their bikini wear. Sounds harmless, right? Think again.

The term hot dog legs comes from the overly malnourished look of the toned legs. These legs do not touch together as thighs often do, and instead appear to be straight sticks, that often resemble, well, hot dogs. It’s not a pretty sight, so much that an anonymous Tumblr was started called Hot Dog legs.

The Tumblr was started to make light of the disturbing trend amongst women, by posting pictures of hot dogs in various locations, leaving the users to guess if they’re hot dogs, or in fact, legs.

It’s a pretty clever commentary on an extremely serious issue that’s been plaguing women for decades. While the site does make light of the “selfie” photos that most women take of their tanned legs during the summer seasons, it still does raise a few eyebrows that we would even have to guess which picture is real and which is fake.

Some of its best hot dog leg shots happen at the beach, or by the pool. Our favorite is a photo of the hot dog legs with sunglasses at the end of the hot dogs.

If anything it just speaks to the desensitization of what we’re used to seeing around us. Can you tell the difference?

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