11-Year-Old Makes Deodorant Stick Play Rocky Theme Song, Reddit Falls In Love

Eleven-year-old Quinn Sheeran has developed a new way for guys to enjoy their deodorant sticks.

Realizing that deodorant is boring, Sheeran tore apart an old birthday card that played the Rocky theme song and attached the simple music playing apparatus to a stick of Old Spice.

When the cap is removed from the deodorant stick, the Rocky theme song plays as deodorant is applied.

Old Spice could really capitalize on the “feel great while putting on our deodorant” angle if they ran with it. Heck, we have seen stranger from the men’s hygiene company over the last several years of the firm’s re-invention.

Realizing the coolness of the product Quinn’s older cousin posted the video on YouTube. After Reddit users pushed the product to the top spot on Reddit, he posted another video on August 18 which explains the process. The explanation video has already received 35,595 views at the time of this post.

While we probably don’t need an uplifting theme song to apply deodorant, it might just wake us up during an early morning workday or provide us with the motivation we need to prepare for a run or workout at the gym. For Quinn Sheeran, the invention has landed him on CNN in a spot that will air tonight at 6:55 PM Eastern.

Reddit has a habit of taking cool but useless things and making them popular. Typically, it isn’t even the product or idea that gains the attention but rather the person who builds the idea. In this case, Quinn is being hailed for his hardware hacking skills and on sites like Reddit there is plenty of support for life hacks.

This is what we need more of in America, kid inventors with a bright future in hardware design.

So what cool applications could you see Quinn Sheeran’s invention being used for in the future?

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