Apple-1 Attracts Nearly $210,000 At Auction

The original Apple-1, also known as Apple I sold today at Christie’s auction house for 133,250 pounds (approx. $210,000).

The computer came with an authentic certificate of sale from Steve Jobs and included was the systems original packaging.

The Apple I was the first personal computer to be sold with a fully assembled motherboard, allowing customers to purchase just the keyboard, power supply and display separately, a first in the computer world.

The original price? $666.66 (insert mark of the Apple Devil / Steve Jobs joke here). The Apple-1 is a rare system as it was only available for a one year time period.

Just a side note, I had one of these and my mom made me throw it away when I got my next computer, I wanted to keep it as a souvenir for having the first fully developed personal computer. I guess it wouldn’t have been so much of a waste of space after all.

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