Nathan Fillion: ‘I Would Make A Terrible Batman’

Nathan Fillion firmly believes that he would make a terrible Batman but a pretty decent Bruce Wayne. The Castle star is another actor you can cross off the Man of Steel 2 list.

If you believe everything that you read on the internet, then just about every guy in Hollywood is being considered for the role of the Caped Crusader in Zack Snyder’s Superman vs. Batman. Unfortunately, Fillion doesn’t seem very interested in the role.

The former Firefly star is one of the many names being tossed around by rabid fans online. Although the actor feels that Bruce Wayne would be a cinch, he’s not so sure about his crime-fighting alter ego.

Nathan Fillion also told Entertainment Weekly that the fan favorite probably won’t be the guy who ends up landing the role. He also cautioned Snyder and Warner Bros. not to shove the next Batman down everyone’s throat.

“If you wanted to see a particular person as Batman, I think one of the worst things you could do is shove it down someone’s throat as far as the new director of ‘Batman’ or the new producers of ‘Batman.’ Probably the worst thing you could do if there’s someone you want to be Batman is rally,” Fillion explained during his chat.

Another actor who recently took himself out of the running for the role of Batman in Man of Steel 2 is Armie Hammer. According to The Lone Ranger star, he simply doesn’t have much of an interest in superhero movies. Despite this fact, Hammer said he believes the Caped Crusader could take Superman in a fight.

“I would have to go with Batman. He’s got more technology and he actually has a piece of kryptonite that Superman actually gave him to beat him,” the actor explained.

Pick any actor who’s had a hit film in the past three years and chances are he’s been mentioned in the same breath as Man of Steel 2. According to Latino Review — a site that is hit and miss when it comes to news — an announcement regarding the role could land in our laps within the next 30 days.

Are you disappointed that Nathan Fillion doesn’t want to play Batman in Man of Steel 2?

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