Kelly Rowland On Beyonce’s Hair, Album Re-Release

Singer Kelly Rowland has always had a bit of difficulty receiving her deserved share of the spotlight next to a certain more attention grabbing Destiny’s Child star… but despite Bey’s tendency to always grab the mic and the front spot, Kelly will regularly step up for her old pal.

You might think Kelly Rowland would be envious of Beyonce’s constant bask in the media glow, but the Dilemma singer (taking it way back) will take up for Mrs. Jay Z when she’s being blasted in the media.

Just recently, Bey chopped off her long locks and rocked a pixie cut — which is, lets face it, no big deal for celebs who have access to the best hair extensions money can buy. (Or be comped.)

After the big hairdo to-do, Beyonce was pilloried by not only the media, but other celebs.

But Kelly Rowland? She stuck up for her BFF and said that Sasha Fierce doesn’t need her hair to be cool — she told TMZ:

“Beyoncé can have a strand of hair on her head and still be fine… We have been rocking short hair since the beginning of time. Somebody had something off of somebody so it’s fine.”

When not defending Bey’s hair, Rowland is hard at work on her own projects — and there’s some buzz about the re-release of her June joint Talk A Good Game.

Singer/songwriter Lonny Bereal worked with Kelly on the album, and hinted recently to Kempire Radio that the work may get a re-release, dishing on Rowland’s recent (besides being rescued after she was lost at sea) activities:

“I vocal produced over half of the [Talk a Good Game] project and we wrote two songs that may be on the re-release that I wrote with Kelly and Jado. She’s back in the studio, even today, back in the studio creating new music.”

Do you think Kelly Rowland deserves more post-Destiny’s Child praise?

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