Prince William’s First Interview After Birth Of Prince George

Prince William and his wife Kate have been in the news, a lot. After her pregnancy and the birth of their son Prince George, heir to the throne of England.

Now William is doing his first sit-down interview. He has made some statements here and there, most notably when the new parents left the hospital with their new bundle and recently at The Anglesey Show in Wales.

The Duke of Cambridge talked to CNN about little George and what it feels like to be a new father.

Of George he says, “he’s a little bit of a rascal” and adds he reminds him of his brother Harry or himself when they were younger.

Prince William shares that his son “wriggles” a lot and is very active. He doesn’t want to sleep that much, the Duke says, which makes it sound as if they are having one hell of a time trying to get some sleep.

Prince William confesses he was the one who changed the first diaper and seems very proud of the fact he did. But he says that baby is growing up quickly.

As far as who stays up with George at night, William says Catherine does, probably because she is breastfeeding George and dad can’t help much in that department.

At the time of the interview, William was getting ready to return to his duties with the Royal Air Force in Wales and he says that he is looking forward to it so he can catch up on that much needed sleep.

William says he and wife Kate were happy to show their new son to the world when they walked out of the hospital to face the crowd gathered and photographers.

He also said he was nervous about not installing the baby seat properly in the back seat of the car. William says he had practiced, but was very self conscious about it.

The interview will air in the special, Prince William’s Passion: New Father, New Hope on CNN, September 15 at 10 p.m. ET.

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