Harrison Ford Suffers Worst Box Office Opening Of His Career With ‘Paranoia’

Harrison Ford is one of the most successful actors of our time. Star Wars is all we need to say. However, not even his powerhouse name could help with Paranoia, which suffered the worst opening of 2013 and his career.

Gary Oldman, Liam Hemsworth, and Harrison Ford have each had some big blockbusters to their names. Oldman had Harry Potter, Hemsworth with The Hunger Games, and Ford’s name became an international sensation with Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

But Paranoia, just didn’t work this past weekend, bringing in only $3.4 million.

That makes it the worst opening of 2013, beating out Tyler Perry Presents People, which made $4.6 million in May. And unfortunately for Harrison Ford, it marks the worst performance in his career.

The film opened against Lee Daniels’ The Butler, which has some powerhouse names of its own in Oprah Winfrey, Forest Whitaker, Mariah Carey, Vanessa Redgrave, and others and made an estimated $25 million for the three day weekend.

Harrison Ford knows a thing or two about blockbusters, after all he starred in two of the most popular franchises in movie history, Star Wars and Indiana Jones, plus other roles which did very well at the box office.

Rotten Tomatoes gives Paranoia a dismal 4 percent, with 2 fresh and 55 rotten tomatoes. The audience score, which many times does not match the site’s reviews, is in agreement with only 41 percent liking it.

The site says in its review summary of Paranoia, “Clichéd and unoriginal, Paranoia is a middling techno-thriller with indifferent performances and a shortage of thrills.”

When polled outside theaters, audiences gave it a C+ CinemaScore rating which is in tune with the movie website.

But Harrison Ford starred in the Jackie Robinson film 42 earlier in the year and brought in $95 million for that movie.

Perhaps the one who suffers the most with Paranoia’s poor performance are not Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman, but Liam Hemsworth, who the studio put at the center of their ad campaign. Hemsworth has a lot to prove in his leading-man capacity.

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