YouTube Proposal: Philip DeFranco Pops The Question [Video]

A YouTube proposal recently saw site superstar Philip DeFranco popping the question.

Anyone who’s been on YouTube for any good duration of time knows about Philip DeFranco, AKA sxephil, one of the leading sources of news on the social vlogging site. In case you don’t know what vlogging is, it’s an amalgamation of “video” and “blogging.”

Philip DeFranco is a YouTube success story, having even branched out beyond YouTube to star in network TV shows, including a stint as a host for Shark Week. For the longest time, if he gave you a shout-out on the site, it usually made you one of the newest internet sensations. He’s that powerful on YouTube.

Just today, a video was uploaded to the sxephil channel with Philip DeFranco hosting an on-stage questionnaire alongside his six-year girlfriend Lindsay Doty (LinzLoves on YouTube), and someone in the audience was planted with a question which led directly to the big moment. That moment being Philip DeFranco walking over to the left side of the stage, grabbing a box, and walking back over to Lindsay. At that point he got down on one knee and opened the box.

All pandemonium broke loose as the YouTube proposal unleashed a cheering crowd who had just witnessed the site superstar asking his girlfriend to marry him in front of the whole world.

Lindsay Doty is a travel blogger who has worked with Philip DeFranco on occasion for various projects, including BlackBoxTV, a horror, mystery and science fiction series. She has been making videos just about her travels across the world to such places as Dubai, Bangkok, Peru, and various other locales, and as of today, after accepting the YouTube proposal of Philip DeFranco, a new adventure awaits.

As for a minister for the wedding, Philip Defranco has stated on Twitter that fast talker Michael Buckley of WHATTHEBUCKSHOW is planning to get ordained for the proceedings. Let’s hope he can talk slow enough for a more serious audience to understand him when the time comes.

In the meantime, congratulations, Philip DeFranco and Lindsay Doty!

Are you excited about the proceedings following the YouTube proposal of Philip DeFranco?

photo credit: Streamys via photopin cc

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