‘Don’t Hit The Car In Front Of You’ Road Sign Posted By Virginia Officials

Officials in Virginia are defending a recently posted road sign that reads: “Don’t hit the car in front of you.”

The sign was placed just outside Washington, D.C., by the Arlington County Police Department at a cost to taxpayers of $13,000.

Lieutenant David Green Jr. tells TheBlaze that the sign was needed for safety reasons. Green Jr. explains that “almost 100% of the accidents at this location are rear end collisions.”

Locals in the meantime are calling the sign a waste of taxpayer dollars. Resident Amanda Anderson says of the sign:

“I am dismayed to see my hard-earned tax dollars going towards expensive signs which tell me what to do.”

Other residents worry that the sign could be a distraction, which in turn leads to the very rear end accidents it is trying to stop.

Residents have also called the sign “patronizing” and “unneeded.”

Before the sign read “don’t hit the car in front of you,” it featured other public safety notices that included as “safety is no accident” and “maintain safe following distance.”

Virginia officials recently changed to the new sign slogan after prior warnings failed to slow the rate of rear end accidents on the stretch of road.

Officials claims that the new sign message was meant to “simplify” the message they were attempting to convey. Officials apparently believe that messages such as “maintain safe following distance” was not clear enough for drivers in the area.

Officials attempting to claim success note that the sign is electronic and can therefore be used for other purposes as needed.

Do you think the “don’t hit the car in front of you” sign is a waste of taxpayer money or a good way to remind drivers about safety?

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