Ford Lowers C-Max Hybrid Mileage Rating, Will Offer Rebates For Owners

Ford is slashing the C-Max hybrid mileage rating by up to seven miles per gallon after complaints from consumers and industry experts that the original rating was false.

The new ratings will reflect the vehicle’s actual mileage, rather than the real-world mileage. The issue actually affects a number of manufacturers, especially those who produce hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles.

As a result of Ford’s decision, along with complaints from the industry, the US Environmental Protection Agency announced on Thursday that it will update its fuel-economy labeling regulations, reports Reuters.

The 2013 Ford C-Max hybrid will also be relabeled under the new ratings system. Instead of 47 mpg for highway, city, and combined, it will be rated at 40, 45, and 43 mpg respectively.

The automaker also announced it will send rebates to owners of the hybrid car. They will send $550 to owners and $325 to lessees of the vehicle.

The Los Angeles Times notes that Ford’s group vice president for global product development, Raj Nair, explained that the fuel economy label problem has to do with “testing anomalies.”

Label regulations currently allow vehicles with the same engine, transmission, and weight class to use the same fuel economy label value data. This is because “historically, such families achieve nearly identical fuel economy performance.”

Because of this, Ford used its data for the Fusion hybrid to rate the C-Max hybrid. However, the more aerodynamic design of the Fusion causes that car to have better results. After finding the differences, Ford announced it would label its cars separately based on separate tests.

Some transmissions will also be created for the 2014 C-Max to improve the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. The EPA added that the scenario could repeat itself with other vehicles on the market and in production for next year. Because of this, the organization may make changes to its regulations surrounding mileage ratings.

Do you think Ford is doing enough to make up for its C-Max hybrid mileage rating issues?

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