CBS drops Moblogic.TV

CBS has pulled the plug on Moblogic.TV, the Lindsay Campbell post Wallstrip video show.

Peter Kafka at AllThingsD notes that the show isn’t completely dead: the MobLogic.TV site will still exist, and the Moblogic.TV team may still put up an episode up on their own from time to time, but regular production has ceased.

Host Lindsay Campbell is still under contract to CBS and hasn’t been let go, but will instead be put “to work on something else” and producers Adam Elend and Jeff Marks are now working on Novel Adventures, a new show for CBS.

I wasn’t a regular viewer of the show, and obviously I wasn’t alone, but the episodes I did watch always impressed me. It’s sad to see an intelligent show such as Moblogic.TV go; there are far too few shows like Moblogic.TV that actually challenge their viewers to think. Campbell is a great talent and will no doubt quickly reappear in a new or existing show. Let’s just hope that CBS doesn’t try to dumb down whatever she does.

Here’s the last episode of for your enjoyment.

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