Mars Moons Video Of Two Moons Passing In The Night Attracts Some Haters [Video]

A new video of two Mars moons passing in the night is attracting some views — and some haters — since it was posted Thursday by NASA/JPL.

If you hit that button, you can see the Mars moon video for yourself.

It’s simple footage taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover of Phobos, the larger Mars moon, passing in front of Deimos, the smaller Mars moon.

If you expected to see a couple of potato-looking pitted rocks spinning around together over the Martian skies, then you’re all happy now.

But there’s a but.

It isn’t 1972 any more. You’ve got a tough crowd over there at YouTube. And some of the over 200,000 viewers are not all that thrilled by the grainy black-and-white footage.

Cynical commenter jamess05milan noted: “The title clearly describes what happens yet I still felt disappointed. Needed an explosion.”

Equally cynical reddogzzzzz: “Curiosity, we didn’t pay for you to just sit there watching the sky…now get back to work.”

Those guys were teasing. But some people were evidently genuinely angry. Said Jeffrey W. Simonson: “So this is what NASA spends billions of dollars for? A boring YouTube video while people on our planet struggle to survive each day.”

But if you managed your expectations for the Mars moon video, you’re cool.

Said Anukloses: “I came here to see a moon passing another moon. I got a moon passing another moon.”

What do I think? I’m not sure.

It does seem like it’s 2013. Sharp, colorful, digital photography is a cheap drug on the market these days. So why the old school black-and-white sorta blurriness?

However, I have to consider the photographer — a lonely robot wandering the surface of Mars somewhat desperately seeking photo opportunities.

When you look at it that way, the Mars moons video is a pretty good achievement.

[Phobos Martian moon thumbnail photo credit: sjrankin via photopin cc]

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