Jennifer Capriati Trial Date On Stalking Charges Set For December

Former tennis pro Jennifer Capriati’s trial date was set today for later this year.

Capriati’s trial date will be December 17, and the looming court day was set today during a hearing.

ESPN reports that Jennifer Capriati did not attend the hearing in person, adding that lawyers for the former tennis star say that she denies the accusations:

“The 37-year-old Capriati is accused of punching Ivan Brannan while he worked out at a gym on Valentine’s Day. Authorities also say Capriati stalked Brannan for months earlier. The charges are misdemeanors… Capriati’s attorney calls the accusations false. The trial date was set at a hearing Friday that Capriati did not attend.”

Prior to her arrests this year, Capriati had a long history in the sport and was widely lauded for her skills. The athlete won a gold medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, and was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

However, she also was arrested back in the 90s, on charges of possession and shoplifting.

CBS12 reports that Jennifer Capriati’s trial date follows refutations from the tennis star, and adds that she denies Brannan’s accusations firmly:

“On Twitter, Capriati has called the case ‘absurd’ and wrote she was ‘outraged by the media, by my ex, the false accusations, not being able to say the truth, Lyme disease, my injuries.’ Capriati had previously revealed that she was afflicted with Lyme Disease… Police said there were six incidents between May 2012 and February in which Ivan Dwight Brannan, 28, called to complain about his ex-girlfriend, Capriati.”

Capriati was accused of “[punching] Brannan with a closed fist four times in his chest” and calling his place of employment repeatedly.