2010 Seattle Mariners season in review

The Seattle Mariners finished the season with a 61-101 record and easily finished last in the American League West. For how good this pitching staff is, and what the pre season expectations were for this team this is a major disappointment. They even got their manager fired, but that may due more to friction with the front office than anything else. This team lost at home, lost on the rod in the first half more in the second half and are a complete mess. They were just 17-40 against the other teams in their division and 9-9 in inter league play.

In my mind the offense is the problem they racked up just 513 runs, which was the second lowest amount of runs amongst all 14 AL clubs. They hit just 101 home runs, racked up 1,274 hits, and their team batting average was just .236. All of those numbers were worst among AL teams. Chone Figgins led this team with a .259 batting average, and that is probably due to the lack of suitable protection in the Mariner lineup.

When we talk about the pitching we have to remember that the Seattle Mariners sports the 2010 AL Cy Young winner in Felix Hernandez. When we look at the numbers there seems to be no way they should have finished so poorly. Sure they had just 61 wins 14th among 14 AL teams. However the staff ERA was 3.94 5th best among the AL squads. They did only get 973 strike out which was 13th of 14 AL staffs, but that is balanced out by only giving up 452 walks second best among the AL teams. This staff also gave up just 1,402 hits, which was fifth best in the AL.

There are no easy answers for this one. The numbers suggest they should have done a heck of a lot better, but the offense and the off the field distractions really hurt this team.

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