Stephenie Meyer Feels Sorry For Robert Pattinson

Stephenie Meyer said she feels incredibly sorry for Robert Pattinson. Since the Twilight films have had such a huge impact on his life, the author can’t help but pity the poor guy.

Everyone and their great-grandmother knows that Meyer is the one responsible for penning the epic Twilight series. The books were eventually adapted into a series of popular movies. The films played a huge part in making Pattinson a household name.

Although the movies have propelled the actor to international stardom and filled his bank account with an enviable amount of zeroes, Stephenie Meyer still feels sorry for him. The writer said she never thought the role would thrust him into the public spotlight the way it did.

Meyer admitted that she’s glad the series is starting to calm down a bit following the release of the final installment. She recently told Access Hollywood that she often thinks about Robert Pattinson and how the franchise has affected his life.

“I don’t think anybody thought it was going to be like that. It’s gone crazy. Hopefully it quiets down for them too,” she said of Twilight’s unexpected popularity.

Stephenie Meyer also kind of feels sorry for Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence. Since the franchise is essentially filling Twilight’s void at the box office, people have started obsessing over the actress. According to the writer, no one can live a healthy life under that kind of scrutiny.

“I just saw an article today about Jennifer Lawrence and how she’s kind of having to deal with how crazy it is and it’s starting to really bother her, as down-to-earth and as sweet as she is. So I feel really bad for her, how the success has kind of ruined the lives of the people in it,” she said.

At the moment, it would appear that the best-selling author is looking to shift gears. The Inquisitr previously reported that she is currently using her success in Hollywood to make the jump to producing feature films. She is presently helping out with Keri Russell’s Austenland.

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