A-Rod’s Inner Circle Leaked Names Of Other PED Users

Alex Rodriguez’s inner circle obtained unredacted files from the Biogenesis scandal and used those documents to out Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun and his own teammate Francisco Cervelli

According to 60 Minutes, members of A-Rod’s camp obtained the documents and then handed them off to Yahoo! Sports.

After the report went live, Rodriguez’s lead attorney, David Cornwell, denied the allegations:

“These allegations are untrue and are another attempt to harm Alex, this time by driving a wedge between him and other players in the league. While Alex focuses on baseball and repeatedly states that he is going to respect the appeal process, the drumbeat of false allegations continues. These improper and viciously false leaks will not alter the fact that MLB exceeded its authority under the JDA [Joint Drug Agreement] and the 211 game [suspension] will not stand.”

While his lawyer denies the leak, officials at Major League Baseball (MLB) claim to have evidence that shows Alex Rodriguez obtained the documents from the Biogenesis clinic. It was the possession of those files that partly led commissioner Bud Selig to serve A-Rod with a 211-game suspension.

In the meantime, Biogenesis employee Porter Fischer has told ESPN that several boxes of clinic files were stolen from his car in March and sold to MLB.

MLB officials are prepared to argue that A-Rod obtained the files in an attempt to prevent their discovery.

If the documents were leaked by Alex Rodrigue,z it would be yet another violation on the Yankees players record.

The Biogenesis scandal has led to 13 suspensions including Braun, who received a 65 game hit, and Cervelli, who is out for 50 games.

Despite a mounting case against A-Rod, MLB Players Association head Michael Weiner has thrown his full support behind the MLB all-star. Weiner feels that a 211-game suspension is too far outside of prior MLB decisions.

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