New iPhone Applications On The Way

As Apple announced the new iPhone 3G and the accompanying iPhone 2.0 software release at its Worldwide Developers Conference Monday, the company also released new details about its upcoming iPhone App Store.

The new iPhone App Store will feature a slew of new applications and opportunities for developers. The store will offer wireless download support and automatic updates. It will allow developers to keep 70 percent of the revenue earned from their sales. The store will be available in 62 countries and will offer cell network downloads for all apps 10 megs or less. Larger apps will require WiFi or iTunes for downloading. The store will also let corporations distribute company-specific apps just to their employees.

Several companies revealed new applications under development:

  • Sega’s updated Super Monkey Ball game will feature more than 100 levels and added tilt control. Representatives said it will sell for $9.99.
  • eBay’s new iPhone Auctions utility will let you monitor all your auctions from a single main screen. The tool has been in development for only about five weeks, reps said.
  • A location tracking social network called Loopt will let you use cell data to pinpoint your friends’ current locations on a graphical map. The software even goes as far as showing a history of where a contact has been, as well as any photos they’ve submitted. Loopt will have cross-platform support with other phones and will be made available free when the App Store opens.
  • The updated TypePad app — also free — will provide an interface for blogging or photo uploading.
  • The Associated Press will offer a Mobile News Network that will use the phone’s location API to gather content from nearby sources. It will also provide news video and photo viewing and will give you the option to submit your own photo- and text-based reports. This service will also be fee-free.
  • Pangea Software has two new game offerings, Enigmo and Cro-Mag Rally. The latter is a 3D racing experience that turns the iPhone into a steering wheel. Each game will be $9.99.
  • Band aims to play off the popularity of music-based gaming with a virtual studio of sorts that will let you play a virtual piano, drums, guitar-style “blues instrument,” or bass. You can even record your tunes.
  • has a new live score utility that will deliver real-time highlights immediately after each play.
  • Several medical tools are in the works, including a learning program that helps you remember body part names and a touchscreen-based app to view 3D medical images.
  • Digital Legends has a new 3D fantasy adventure game. The company says its program will use OpenGL and touch controls to take mobile gaming to a whole new level. The app is still under development but is expected to be ready by September.

Apple also announced the creation of a new push notification service for developers. When a user exits an application, Apple will “push” updates from its servers — sent by the developer — to the user’s phone. The updates could include custom messages or badges and sounds. The function will be ready in September but will be delivered to developers sooner.

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