Nokia Admits To “Major Power Flaw” In Some N8 Handsets, N7 Also Possibly Affected

Nokia today fully acknowledged that some of their N8 Smartphones have been hit by a serious power flaw. According to the company only a “very small number” of the phones have failed to turn on properly. Users have complained that the power flaw has caused their phones to stop rebooting, recharging or even starting up.

In a statement, Nokia Executive VP Niklas Savander said the company was taking “immediate actions” to remedy the issue, however he did not announce what those actions would be.

While Nokia did not acknowledge the same issue in their C7 phones, Russian leaker Eldar Murtazin said the C7 handset features the same problem for some users. According to Murtazin up to 5 percent of Russian stock had to be repair or had already been repaired.

According to Electronista:

Nokia hasn’t commented on either claim, but customers in YouTube comments and elsewhere have complained of service representatives denying an widespread problem.

With Nokia’s market share falling fast, I would expect a more clearly concise response of action from the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer.

Have you experienced Nokia N8 power problems? Or perhaps N7 issues? If so leave us a comment with the problems you have experienced.