Jake Pavelka Is Distraught, Ed Swiderski Just Saw Gia Allemand In New York

Jake Pavelka had a history with Gia Allemand, but, unlike many couples who dated, American viewers watched the whole thing during their shared season of The Bachelor.

When Jake Pavelka was the titular bachelor, he forged a strong connection with Gia Allemand — so much so that she made it to the final three. Pavelka ultimately sent her home before the finale, but it’s obvious he didn’t have an easy time choosing.

After the rings and roses were given, Pavelka and Allemand remained in contact.

And when we learned early this week that Allemand had taken ill, seriously, Pavelka was pained and horrified that his friend was in such danger.

When Gia died after her suicide attempt, Jake was distraught — tweeting off the cuff about the loss of a woman he called an “angel.”

Now Ed Swiderski, star of The Bachelorette, reveals the group hung out just last week in New York, and that Allemand appeared to be happy and healthy — the last person you’d suspect in a serious incident of self-harm.

Ed explains:

“I’m shocked right now… I was just with her last week. We were all in New York together and I just can’t believe it.”

He continues, saying that just one week ago and days before Allemand took her own life, she looked fine and in good shape:

“She could not have been in better spirits when I saw her seven days ago. She could not have been more of a crisp, clean person. She just defined [healthy].”

Swiderski concludes:

“Everyone is freaking out. I’m getting calls from all over. We’re all in shock. She was, it’s hard to say ‘was’ because I just saw her, a beautiful soul.”

He describes Gia as “full of life,” and “super sweet.”

Jake Pavelka similarly told People he was “devastated” over Gia’s passing.