Steve Wozniak: Android Will Eventually Beat iPhone

Steve Wozniak, the true genius behind the first Apple products and a co-founder of Apple told a dutch newspaper this week that while the iPhone is currently leading the market, it will eventually be overtaken by Google Android.

Wozniak told the paper

Android will eventually beat the iPhone as a mobile-phone platform in much the same way Windows computers squeezed Apple’s market share in the PC market

It should be noted that Jobs never says Android is a better system, simply that the aggressive nature of Android on hundreds of handsets will allow their sheer market power to push the Apple iOS system to the back burner, much like Microsoft licensing their operating system to various computer manufactures did from the ’80s to present day.

We are already seeing truth in advertising on that front, Android already has a global mobile market share of 25.5%, currently outselling the iPhone, while rapidly extending its reach to more carriers with multiple devices on each of those wireless networks.

So what do you take from Wozniak’s statement?

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