Kate Middleton ‘Alone’ Baby Struggle Compared To Kimye By Silly Magazine, Boo Hoo [Photo]

Kate Middleton is stuck home alone with the royal baby. And so is Kim Kardashian. Meanwhile Prince William and Kanye West have made their escape from diaper pails and puffy wives.

Poor, poor Kate Middleton. Poor, poor Kim Kardashian. They’re alone and abandoned, according to the new cover of gossip mag Star: “Overwhelmed and exhausted, the first-time moms struggle as their men leave them for months!”

Scroll down to take a look at the August 26 Star cover for yourself.

I won’t say that it’s entirely silly. Prince William took the minimum paternity leave of two weeks that he could get away with and still be considered a modern dad even by today’s fawning media.

He’s back to a life of flying helicopters and playing polo. And who could blame him? Leave the dirty diapers to the help.

But I’m not quite ready to shed a tear for Kate Middleton over this sad old tune. She knew what she was buying into. And I guarantee that she isn’t alone and abandoned.

Hello? It’s a $1.5 million nursery in a palace. Despite the reports that there’s no nanny or baby nurse, we’re just not that stupid.

I’m pretty sure she can and does have a staff. Not to mention all the friends that money and access to the royal family can buy.

And Kim Kardashian? The apparently still-bloated and self-conscious Keeping Up With The Kardashians star actually does admit to having a team of baby nurses.

So for once Kimye is the one who isn’t insulting our intelligence.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reported that Kanye West has indeed slipped away to party in Greece. And he hasn’t made any secret of the fact that he doesn’t do diapers.

But let’s get real. If we had their money, we’d all do the same, right?

So I’m not gonna go all boo, hoo for poor pitiful Kate Middleton left alone with a baby. If she chooses to be a masochist and wallow in the dirty diapers herself, that’s her decision. It harms no one but her and the child who will eventually become aware of the guilt-tripping.

If you have money, you’re never alone except by choice. Even with a screaming obnoxious newborn baby.

Or anyway that’s my take on the sad, sad story of Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton alone with their babies. I’m pretty cynical, though. What do you think?

poor poor Kate Middleton on the new Star magazine cover
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