Call of Duty: Ghosts Adds Female Soldiers To Online Multiplayer

The ladies are finally getting represented in Activision and Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts. For the first time ever, players will be able to create female soldiers for use in online multiplayer.

The companies decided to add a slew of additional traits and characteristics to the Create-A-Soldier mode in the latest installment of the popular first-person shooter. This includes the ability to make your character a full-fledged female freedom fighter.

According to Activision Publishing’s Eric Hirshberg, adding female options to the Call of Duty franchise was something the company has been toying with for a while. Hirshberg said requests for such a feature have been through the roof.

With Call of Duty: Ghosts, women will finally be represented on the battlefield. However, Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin told Polygon that the feature isn’t just a cheap ploy to get more people to pick up a copy of the game.

“What we wanted to do was acknowledge the fan base that already existed. We have a lot of different kinds of people who play [Call of Duty] and we want them to be represented when we do character creation,” he explained to the website.

Rubin explained that developers had to completely retool the customization features for Call of Duty: Ghosts in order to incorporate the new traits and characteristics. The game has over 20,000 different options available to players, including the ability to play as a different race.

“When we started down the path of character customization, it was instantly about getting females into the game. That adds a lot of extra work,” Rubin said.

He added, “Not only do you have to create female characters, but you have to rig them differently. We had to motion-capture differently. We couldn’t use our guy animation on a girl, so it became a big thing.”

Although Activision and Infinity Ward said they didn’t add female soldiers to broaden the audience, Rubin said he certainly hopes the new features will bring more people to the franchise. The next installment of the series is scheduled to arrive on November 5.

Are you looking forward to Call of Duty: Ghosts? What do you think about the addition of female soldiers to online multiplayer?

[Image via Activision / Infinity Ward]

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