Darren Young Is Gay And ‘Very Happy’ [Video]

Darren Young is gay, and he is “very happy.” With the surprise announcement, Young is now the first openly gay WWE wrestler. The WWE superstar announced that he was gay during an interview with a reporter.

The reporter asked Young if he thought gay wrestlers could be successful in the WWE. Young’s response was unexpected. As reported by Fox News, Young replied to the question by revealing his own sexuality:

“Look at me. I’m a WWE superstar and to be honest with you, I’ll tell you right now, I’m gay. And I’m happy. I’m very happy.”

Young expects that his fellow wrestlers will treat the news with a level of maturity. He points out that wrestling is a job. His sexuality is his personal business. Young explains that for him, they are two separate things.

He admits that “some people might not like it.” However, he is ready to deal with any backlash.

Darren Young is gay, and he is proud of who he is. He hopes that his admission will help others. He explains that “sexual preference doesn’t really matter.

Young, age 33, currently wrestles in a tag team with Titus O’Neil. The Prime Time Players have become a strong team.

Young is well-known for his previous rivalry with Prince Nana. Young and Nana fought bitterly for the East Coast Wrestling Association title.

As reported by Philly.com, another former rival, John Cena, congratulated Young’s decision to come out. He explains that despite their WWE rivalry, they are actually good friends. Cena said it was a “bold move,” and he is happy Young finally revealed his sexuality.

Young is currently in Los Angeles for the WWE SummerSlam. The reporter that interviewed him approached him upon his arrival at the airport.

The timing must have been perfect, because Darren Young admitted he was gay on camera.

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