Dots Arrives For Google Android After More Than 1 Billion iOS Plays

Dots, the popular iOS game, has arrived for Google Android tablets and smartphones and the Kindle Fire line of devices.

Dots launched in May for iOS devices and became an instant hit with more than 1 billion game plays.

The iOS game has been downloaded more than 5 million times, and those gamers have loaded up the app more than 1 billion times.

Paul Murphy, SVP of products at Betaworks, says his company now witnesses 5 million to 10 million game plays each day.

If you haven’t heard of Dots, it’s a game that asks users to connect the dots. Gamers can purchase additional options through in-app purchases. Those options include the ability to shrink dots, freeze time, and eliminate dots of certain colors.

With the Dots Android release, Betaworks has introduced a new game mode called “Moves” in which there is no time limit but instead a maximum of 30 moves per gameboard.

The Dots game was a surprise hit for Betaworks considering the company never planned to develop a mobile game. The game came about when Patrick Moberg was testing various user interaction designs for a short story tool called Tapestry. Eventually, the user interaction design elements were molded into an iOS game.

Sometimes accidents happen: This time that accident helped Betaworks develop 2013’s fastest growing mobile game.

Users can download the Dots Android game through the Amazon Apps Stores and via the Google Play Store.

Do you think Dots is going to be a massive hit on Google Android as it has been for the iOS platform?

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