Kate Gosselin Talks Divorce, Life After Reality TV

Kate GOsselin isn’t the same person that she used to be. The former star of Kate Plus 8 said that a lot of things have changed since her divorce from Jon Gosselin and the end of her reality show.

These days, Kate is a single mom trying to raise her brook of eight children. The former reality star doesn’t have consistent checks coming in from TLC anymore so she lives modestly by “piecing and patching together” different projects.

Gosselin told People Magazine: “I’m living very carefully these days… To not have a reliable income is scary.”

Kate and Jon got divorced after a cheating scandal hit the tabloids. Jon may have been the one who was sleeping around, but Kate said that she was also to blame for the divorce.

Gosselin said: “I made so many mistakes, of course… It feels like a whole other lifetime ago. And sometimes I don’t even remember much of it. Both when the babies were first born and during the divorce, I was on survival mode. I feel like I’ve lived two lifetimes already. I’m not the same person I was… I don’t even recognize her.”

Gosselin has seen some rough times since the end of Kate Plus 8, but she’s confident that she’ll pull through fine.

The former reality star said: “We were struggling, then we were doing really well, then it all fell apart, and now we have a so-called ‘normal’ life… Through it all, we’ve dealt with it, survived it, and we keep on going.”

You can read more about Kate Gosselin in the latest issue of People Magazine.

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