So what is the deal with Donovan McNabb’s extension?

Washington Redskins’ owner Daniel Snyder never met a problem he didn’t feel like throwing some money at. It seems that is the case with the reported five year 70 million dollar contract extension for QB Daunte Culpepper. Really this move is being made right now because Head Coach Mike Shanahan so badly handled the benching of his QB that something had to be done to show Donovan and the rest of the NFL a little good will. So yes technically Daunte got a five year deal worth between 70-78 million, with around 40 million guaranteed.

Now the folks that are in charge of the Redskins are smarter than they have been, because this contract has an out clause. If the Redskins decide to cut McNabb in 2011, they would be free of the deal entirely. So McNabb gets 3.5 million now, and an incentive to play well to get the rest of his money later. Really it is a genius move on the hands of an organization that has given out far too many over priced contracts.

So the Redskins get to stomp out a QB controversy, and get past the benching on Halloween day. They get to say they are committed to McNabb long term, even if they have not. Donovan himself gets a little extra jack in his pocket and the possibility of moving on after the season to a team like say the Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings or other such team looking for a QB.

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