Anna Kendrick Has No Idea Why ‘Cups’ Song Is Popular

Are you confused on why Anna Kendrick‘s song “Cups” is everywhere right now, and has been everywhere for the past two months? So are we, and to add to that, so is Anna Kendrick.

The actress turned Billboard hit singer revealed that she actually has no clue why her song “Cups” is currently blowing up airwaves. The song comes from her Glee-inspired film Pitch Perfect, which featured the song “Cups”. Months after the film’s release, the song turned up out of nowhere and currently resides in the top 10 charts on Billboard.

Clearly confused that her song “Cups” has been charting for the last five weeks, Kendrick took to Instagram to capture her reaction. There’s no words for her reaction, other than Kendrick sure knows how to pull a few faces out of her bag of tricks. Anna is clearly dumbfounded by the news, and added a hashtag caption with her video, that reads, “How I feel about having a song in the billboard top ten for five weeks. #ItDefiesLogic.”

In October of 2012 she explained to David Lettermen that the cups portion of the song wasn’t really her idea. In fact, the actress had found a video on Reddit of a different cups video, and decided to put her own spin on the trick for a completely different song.

Since “Cups” has charted, there’s been hundreds of YouTubers that have taken to the site to create their own version of “Cups”. Some have been fantastic renditions while others have been a calamity in the making, with disastrous results.

Here’s what a few fans had to say about Anna’s modesty:

Deep thoughts, by Anna Kendrick


How very brittish of you

So far her post has 62.7 thousand likes on Instagram. If that’s any evidence, it doesn’t look like “Cups” is going away anytime soon.

Check out this awesome “Cups” cover:

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