Gosselin Kids Expelled From School

Proving that reality television isn’t good for kids, two of the Gosselin kids have been expelled from school due to bad behavior.

According to reports both Alexis and Collin Gosselin, age 6, were expelled due to name-calling, “rage issues,” and general bullying. Yes, you did read that right: six year old children expelled for “rage issues.”

Child experts quoted in the press suggest that the expelled Gosselin kids are in urgent need of anger management, a psych evaluation, and most importantly of all: no more TV cameras.

Friends of Kate Gosselin though are going on the defense, with one friend quoted as saying that “The situation is being grossly overstated…The kids are going through a challenging time, but Kate doesn’t feel this is something that should be discussed publicly.”

Yeah, it shouldn’t be discussed publicly even though Kate Gosselin has had cameras on the children from a young age creating the situation at hand.

The don’t try this at home saying applies here with variation: don’t put your kids permanently in front of a camera and expect them to turn out to be little angels.

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