‘Refrigerator’ Perry Death Reports Are False

William ‘Refrigerator’ Perry, the former Chicago Bears defensive lineman, is alive and well according to his agent, Adam Plotkin, and to himself.

An erroneous tweet sent from @ClemsonTigerNet was quickly removed after it was posted. Spokespeople from the TigerNet team offered their explanation for the mistaken tweet saying: “There were several reports on Twitter this morning of William Perry’s passing, but it appears it was another William Perry that caused the confusion.”

Plotkin spoke to the Chicago Tribune, confirming that his client was alive and well: “I know he is not dead. I talked to Michael Dean (Perry) a few minutes ago. And I know the Bears were down there interviewing Fridge on Saturday for coach (Mike) Ditka’s (jersey) retirement. But I did talk to Michael Dean, and he had gotten some calls, too, and Michael Dean said it was OK to confirm that Fridge is fine.”

He continued to explain that reports of Refrigerator Perry’s death were incorrect, citing the misunderstanding:

“I guess someone called Michael Dean and said that someone found out that someone named William Perry died, but it wasn’t the Fridge. Someone from Clemson called us as well and said they had been getting a lot of calls and stuff. He is completely fine.”

Perry himself took to the airwaves on Twitter via his account @FridgePerry72 on Wednesday afternoon: “I heard the rumors that I passed away online #SMH. Just wanted to let everyone (know) that they are not true and Im doing fine. Thanks guys!”

Apparently the reports of Perry’s death were not a hoax, but simply a case of mistaken identity. This incident highlights the fact that information posted, via mediums such as Facebook and Twitter, need to be be verified and checked out first. This is with the hope that future misunderstandings, like this one regarding Refrigerator Perry’s death, can be avoided.

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