‘300: Rise Of An Empire’ Lands International Trailer [Video]

300: Rise Of An Empire has just landed an international trailer.

After the death of King Leonidas, apparently the story of 300 wasn’t over. The story of the next film centers on Xerxes I of Persia, Themosticles, and Artemesia I of Caria in what appears to be a seaborne battle among Greeks. Lena Headey, Rodrigo Santoro, and David Wenham reprise their roles from the original film in a story based on Frank Miller’s unpublished work Xerxes. The Greek General Themosticles will fight off the Persian army under the direction of god-turned-mortal Xerxes, and it promises to be just as bloody as the first film.

The international trailer for 300: Rise Of An Empire begins with a man wearing chains on his head and holding an axe to King Leonidas’ head in the middle of a sea of dead men. A woman says, “The lightest of breezes dances among the death cries of 300 men. That breeze became wind. The wind, my brothers, of sacrifice.” By the end of this statement she is talking to an army bristling with weapons and shields.

We then see one man jumping seemingly off a cliff with his sword held high ready to attack an unseen enemy. The camera perspective changes and we see him jumping into a boat on top of a sailor of sorts.

Then we see the man with the chains on his head again, and he’s standing atop a pedestal high over a crowd, “Nothing will stop the march of my empire.”

A woman enters a room full of statues of what appear to be fierce cat-like creatures. She approaches the man saying, “I will attack the Greeks, with my entire navy.”

The bald man with the chains on his head throws a flaming projectile out into the sea, and the shore of a town starts to burn. A small girl looks terrified in the middle of the fire.

Then we see some waterborne scenes of war among small storm waves. A man jumps from a boat atop a horse and then rises straight onto the shore, attacking right away.

The rest of the international trailer for 300: Rise Of An Empire is above. What do you think of it?

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