Maybe Master Chief’s armour not so far off

Protecting our soldiers in the battlefield is an important job; which has also made a lot of companies extremely rich, and we are forever looking at new ways to improve both their body armor and weaponry. Well, if this report on c|net is any indication the Korean army may be in the process of leapfrogging anything that our American soldiers have at this point in time.

The new battle armor would provide protection from nuclear, biological and chemical attacks. As well as a totally reworked protective vest they would be outfitted with a bulletproof helmet that will be wired for video-cam transmission.

As far as the armament goes the rifle called the K-11; which could actually see real field usage before the body armour, is a double barreled assault rifle that lets them shoot either NATO 5.56 or 20 millimeter grenades; all from the same trigger. Apparently day and night aiming is done with a thermal target seeker that can calculate the distances automatically.

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