Accused Rapist Texts Apology To Victim’s Mother

An accused rapist texted his apologies to the 13-year-old victim’s mother on the same day of the alleged crime, according to a Wednesday report from the Kansas City Star.

Codey J. Everhart, the 22-year-old Lee’s Summit man accused of the crime, sent the girl’s mother the following text message.

(NOTE: Tons of misspellings and text-speak here, so we’re just going to slap a giant [sic] over the whole thing.)

“Omg im so sorry….it was the biggest mistake IV ever made plz I’m sorry plz don’t call the cops…Ihave kids…plz I will do whatever u want I’m so so rry handsome sacred I shouldv never said yes when she asked me to come over And scared* I’m so scared….I’m so sorry mam….I sware off girls altogther…plz I’m so sorry….plz say something??? Plz call me mam I’m so scared right now I feel like my whole world is gona crash dwon on me…..And I ‘m worried ima loose my daugthers…….. (plz call or text plzzz”

The accused rapist texter admitted that he had non-intercourse contact with the girl, telling police that she had invited him over “to make out” and that he knew she was only 13.

The girl’s name was withheld from the press due to age, but her story is a much different one from Everhart’s. Authorities said Everhart knocked on the girl’s window on a Saturday morning after her mother had left for work.

She claimed that the suspect asked her to “go somewhere” with him. She refused, so he then pleaded to use the bathroom. When she let him in, he allegedly threw her on the bed and then raped her.

The girl said that once she did finally escape Everhart, she locked herself in the bathroom until he left.

Everhart will face two charges of statutory rape and one charge of forcible rape, Huffington Post noted.

Here’s Everhart’s mugshot, courtesy Johnson County Police:

Unfortunately, this story appears to be another in a long line of “adults should know better” cases, considering that at the very least, Everhart has admitted that he’d planned to make out with a 13-year-old.

Last month we told you about the mom, who discovered her teenage daughter’s teacher hiding under the girl’s bed. And about a week ago, there was the story of a Reddit user, whose online statutory rape confession came back to haunt him.

In the case of the accused rapist text, what would you have done if you were in the mother’s shoes?

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