Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem Drops Two New Images [Photos]

Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem is currently slated to make its debut at the Venice Film Festival. In order to get everyone pumped about the film’s premiere, two new images have hit the internet.

The film casts Academy Award-winning actor Christoph Waltz as a hacker who is desperately searching for the meaning of life. Despite his best efforts, our hero is thwarted by a shadowy individual known as Management (Matt Damon).

Although the new images from Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem suggest that the filmmaker paid an arm and a leg to get the film in front of the camera, the movie only cost around $10 million. The Brazil director said the flick is his cheapest endeavor in nearly 30 years.

“You keep waiting to see what’s going to be the new Cleopatra, the one that suddenly takes out a studio. That’s the part I don’t quite understand about this, these economics and how they are able to survive with losing this amount of money as often as they are doing it,” Gilliam recently told Deadline.

The filmmaker also addressed the debacle Disney faced with their Johnny Depp western The Lone Ranger. Gilliam and Depp previously worked together on both Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the failed adaptation of Don Quixote.

“By the time you’ve spent $250 million, add another $100 million on top, you’ve got to hit half a billion or more before you break even. It’s madness. I think Hollywood has gone Las Vegas. Let’s put all of the money on red this year. Next year, we’ll put it on black. Hopefully, we’ll hit it,” he explained during his chat with the website.

In addition to Damon and Waltz, The Zero Theorem also stars David Thewlis, Melanie Thierry, Ben Whishaw, and Sanjeev Bhaskar. You can find the latest images from the flick below.

While Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem is scheduled to premiere at this year’s Venice Film Festival, a North American release date hasn’t been set as of this writing.

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