Dominic Monaghan Admits Sending Vicious Texts To Admirer

Lord of the Rings star Dominic Monaghan was accused of sending a series of vicious text messages to a young female admirer. Although he owned up to the texts, he denies the rest of her story.

The identified woman said she struck up a friendship with the actor after running into him at a retail store where she works. Before long the pair were exchanging a handful of playful messages. However, the budding romance quickly soured after she turned down his sexual advances.

“Right off the bat he just wanted sex. I wasn’t really down for that, and I told him that I wouldn’t just sleep with him because I’m not that kind of girl. He never gave it a chance, like didn’t even want to get to know me. It’s sad. He told me he didn’t care because I was hot,” she told Radar Online.

In addition to blatantly refusing to pick her up for a date, Dominic Monaghan constantly bragged about the money in his bank account and how many countries were airing his television series. Once the actor caught wind of things his admirer was saying, the text messages started rolling in.

“When did I ever say I wanted to have sex with you?! You appear riddled with herpes and smell odd. I couldn’t invite you to one of my three houses [because] I’d be nervous you would steal s***,” the actor said in one message.

He added, “I have 20+ million in the bank. How you living? Erase this number. And stop crying over me and replying. I’m not your ticked out. You don’t want to hang out and yet you keep hitting me up even when I treat you like the dumb dumb you are. Take. A. Hint. And a wash.”

Dominic Monaghan responded to the situation earlier this week. According to the actor, it was her constant unwanted communications that caused him to reach in such an intense manner.

“I wonder if you are aware that she has been calling me for over two years when I have repeatedly asked her not to. Today (Monday) I told her again via text that her behavior was troubling to me and for her not to contact me,” he explained.

What do you think about the text messages Lord of the Rings star Dominic Monaghan sent to the woman? Do you think his reaction was a little over-the-top?

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