Spike Lee: Park Chan-Wook Told Us Not To Remake ‘Oldboy’

According to Spike Lee, Oldboy star Josh Brolin got some stern advice from South Korean director Park Chan-wook before production began on the upcoming remake.

The Inside Man director recently took part in a Reddit AMA in hopes of generating a few more dollar for his Kickstarter campaign. Since the project is still roughly $200,000 short of its intended goal, the guy is beating the proverbial drum as hard as he can.

While discussing everything from his personal life to his storied cinematic career, Spike Lee revealed that Oldboy director Park Chan-wook told Josh Brolin not to remake the South Korean classic. Apparently fans aren’t the only ones unhappy about the movie.

“Before we started the shoot, Josh Brolin went to Park Chan-wook and asked for his blessing. He told Josh ‘You and Spike make your own film, don’t remake ours,'” Lee revealed.

Although it sounds as though Park wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea, Spike Lee insists that they made the movie their own. Redditor Reverve was quick to call out the director about Park’s response.

“To me that almost sounds like Brolin didn’t get his blessing,” he responded.

The Oldboy remake tells the story of a man who is locked away from society for several years. To make matters worse, he is framed for the murder of his wife. As suddenly as he was abducted, our hero emerges from a suitcase in the middle of nowhere. So begins his quest to clear his name and uncover the mystery behind the kidnapping.

The red band trailer for the flick is included below.

Once the film is in theaters, Spike Lee hopes to begin work on a gory little tale about people who are addicted to blood. The filmmaker launched a Kickstarter campaign for the flick, a fact that left many people flabbergasted.

“I really think it’s a fallacy, it’s a misconception, and it’s just plain-out wrong that because someone puts $5 in my film, that was $5 that a young filmmaker was going to get,” the director said in his own defense.

Are you a fan of Spike Lee? What do you think about the filmmaker’s upcoming Oldboy remake?

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