Duck Dynasty Cast To Earn $200,000 Per Episode

The Duck Dynasty cast have been in serious negotiations to agree terms for season 4 of the A&E hit series. The talks between them and the network began earlier this year and, in fact, delayed the initial filming of season 4.

The Robertsons finally accepted the deal whereby they are slated to earn roughly $200,000 per episode, which is to be split between the family, which is nine adults and 11 kids strong. The terms of the agreement also stipulate that future seasons and cast options will be available to the Duck Dynasty crew.

The show made television history when the finale of season 3 was watched by a record number of people. Roughly 9.6 million fans tuned in to watch it, with 5.5 million of those being adults between the ages of 18-49.

The Inquisitr reported about the heated pay negotiations for the season 4 reality show back in July:

“A fourth season of the show was put in doubt a few weeks before the end of season three. The show was bringing in millions of viewers and the cast members wanted to get a pay raise from A&E. According to MSN, the Robertson family was asking for more than $200,000 per episode. It’s unclear what A&E agreed to pay its cast members but, well, it doesn’t matter any more.”

Since that report, terms for Season 4 of the Duck Dynasty have been agreed and many people are looking forward to a great season of America’s favorite Network show.

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