Michael Jackson Abused Propofol For 12 Years, Debbie Rowe To Testify About MJ’s Drug Abuse

Dr. Conrad Murray may have given Michael Jackson his final lethal dose of propofol, but Debbie Rowe will tell a jury today that the singer was addicted to the drug for 12 years.

Rowe will testify that at least two times in the 1990s MJ was also given another propofol type drug to help fend off his extreme bouts of insomnia.

Debbie Rowe is being called to the stand by AEG Live. According to TMZ’s sources, Rowe views herself as a hostile witness who holds AEG largely responsible for MJ’s death.

In her testimony, Debbie Rowe is expected to talk about Michael Jacksons propofol abuse dating back to 1997. In that year, doctors gave Michael Diprivan, a form of Propofol, when he was hold up in a hotel room in Germany.

Rowe will testify that Jackson slept for 8 hours under control of the drug and used it for at least two out of three days.

Rowe will admit that when married to Michael Jackson she never saw his as a raging drug addict. She will also note that he was addicted to Demerol, which he used for pain and anxiety control following his Pepsi commercial accident in which he burned his scalp.

Debbie will also note that after their divorce in 1997, Michael Jackson was open about his rehab stint for prescription drug use.

Michael Jackson’s former wife will also likely testify that she injected Michael Jackson in the buttocks with Demerol and Vistaril several times while she worked for Dr. Arnold Klein.

According to reports, Debbie Rowe will testify that she grew worried about Jackson when the AEG “This Is It” tour was announced.

Debbie Rowe testifying about Michael Jackson’s propofol addiction could lend itself to Dr. Conrad Murray’s own appeal regarding Jackson’s own choices regarding the drugs use.

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