Rapper Soulja Boy Kicked Off Flight [Video]

Soulja Boy was kicked off an American Airlines flight after causing a scene.

The rapper apparently refused to take his seat when the plane was getting ready to taxi from the gate.

The incident happened on Friday on an outbound flight from Miami to Brazil where the rapper was scheduled to perform at a concert.

Soulja Boy was taken off the flight by two cops (see embed above) when he refused to follow routine flight attendant instructions to sit down and fasten his seat belt just like all the other passengers. Reportedly he was asked several times to get out of the aisle and sit down.

According to a confirming report in the New York Daily News, “Soulja Boy may have soared for a while with his Superman-themed chart topper ‘Crank That,’ but the rapper was grounded by American Airlines on Friday after causing a big scene ahead of his scheduled flight… Though it’s unclear why, the rapper apparently chose to disregard instructions and remained standing when everyone was asked to fasten seat belts.”

The “Turn My Swag On” rapper had to remove his swag from the overhead bin when the officers arrived in the first class cabin to escort him back to the terminal. Evidently he was not arrested for refusing to comply with the flight attendants’ directions, however.

After the incident, Soulja Boy — real name DeAndre Cortez Way — told TMZ that “It was a bad night and me and the flight staff didn’t see eye to eye. In hindsight, I’m extremely sorry for all inconvenience caused to the passengers and employees of the airline.”

He apparently found his way to and from Brazil via Virgin Airlines and sent Virgin America a supportive tweet.

Back in 2011, despite his stage name, Soulja Bay apologized to the US Military for saying “f*** the FBI and f**** all the army troops in his “Let’s Be real” music video.

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