Audi Releases Interactive Reality Manual For Drivers

Did you just purchase a new car but have no idea how to utilize all the features? Are you sifting through a manual and find yourself overwhelmed? Well the makers of Audi have fixed that problem for all of its visual learners out there.

A company that goes by the name of Metaio has worked with Audi to release Audi eKurzinfo, which is the first interactive augmented guide for drivers who aren’t as tech-savvy. The software is a new reality app called the Audi A3 which enables a user to learn about their car in a whole new way.

The new Audi app is a “reality manual” that can dive into over 300 functions of the new Audi A3. First users will have to download the app on their iPhone. Once the app is loaded users will have to point the camera in the direction of whatever feature they want to learn about. For instance, if you’re behind the wheel and want to learn more about its functions, then point it at the wheel, and the screen will tell you all of those hidden controls and their given functions. No more accidentally hitting the volume button on your steering wheel and not knowing how it happened. Every move you make will be deliberate with the use of the Audi app.

Virtual menus will appear on the iPhone’s screen as soon as you point it at any given part of the car. What’s cool about this app is that the driver can look under the hood and point the app directly at the engine, which will then identify all of the engine’s components, and tell the user how to do maintenance on the engine, including replacing the cooling fluid.

Although you shouldn’t chuck your user manual that’s lying in the glove compartment, it’s still good to have an app that will help you on the go.

Do you think this app may help other manufacturers in the future?

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