Chad Lorkowski Is 6-2, 200 Pounds And Plays Little League Baseball [Video]

The Little League World Series will start this week and we already know the tournament’s biggest star: Chad Lorkowski.

Lorkowski is only 12-years-old but he’s already 6 foot 2 and weighs 200 pounds. Seriously, compared to his teammates and opponents Lorkowski is an absolute giant.

Some people are a little skeptical that Lorkowski is really 12-years-old (little league world series fans have grown a little cynical after that Danny Almonte mess) but there’s no reason to believe that Lorkowski isn’t playing by the rules.

According to Sporting News, Lorkowski, who goes by the nickname Swag Daddy, wears a size 15 cleats and carries a big bat. The 12-year-old hit two home runs (he also struck out 10 batters) during Grosse Pointe’s clinch win to make the world series.

Chad Lorkowski will try to summon the same sort of magic when his team faces the West Regional champions from Chula Vista, California this weekend.

If things don’t work out for Lorkowski on the baseball field he can always fall back on his second sport: Basketball.

The announcer confirmed: “As you might imagine, he does play basketball, too.”

Here’s a video of Chad Lorkowski, a 6 foot 2, 200 pound 12-year-old, playing little league baseball.

[Image Via Buzzfeed]

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