Justin Bieber Naked Canadian Thanksgiving Becomes Jimmy Kimmel’s Teaching Moment [Video]

Justin Bieber’s naked serenade of his grandmother wearing nowt but a gently, well-placed guitar and a smile, is now the stuff of Internet and fan fiction legend. But, over at Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday the superstar’s exploits became a teaching moment.

For those somehow still unaware of Bieber’s R-rated birthday suit with strings attached prank, a recap:

Yesterday, TMZ posted two nude photos of the 19-year-old taken during his Thanksgiving visit to his grandmother’s Toronto home last October.

To cut a brief story short, nude Justin reportedly overslept on Thanksgiving morning and decided to prank the family and friends there by singing a nonsense song on his guitar to his grandma.

Grandma apparently thought her naked grandson was very funny but also ordered him to cover up his barely legal nakedness (he was then 18) as soon as the last note was sung.

Ripe material, then.

To wit, Kimmel attempted to explain the Bieb’s free-swinging approach to Canadian Thanksgiving” with a mock History Channel riff on the 16th century English seaman Martin Frobisher’s voyage to the New World to look for the Northwest passage.

One of his (three) voyages brought Frobisher to Baffin Island after a storm-battered, emergency landing. Kimmel’s mock-doc dates the landing as the fall of 1578 but it was actually August 1576.

Anyway, the mock-doc voiceover informed us that as a way of giving thanks for their safe landing a preacher told the grateful new Canadians that every October 14: “All young men should present their unclothed bodies to their grandmothers, covered only by a stringed instrument.”

As this was said a picture of a pale, skinny figure holding a lute (or something like it) flashed on-screen.

Bieber’s taste for drop-crotch pants and sweet, high performance rides also took a hit on Kimmel.

The voiceover continued: “Those same young men should wear oversized pants aroundeth the ankles, pilot ridiculously garish vehicles and from hereon, these young men shall be referred to as ‘douche pouches.'”


For one reason and another, Bieber’s been getting something of a kicking on Kimmel of late.

Back in June when Bieber played two dates at Los Angeles’ Staples Center, Kimmel sent a roving “Lie Witness” team to the venue and pranked Beliebers into revealing the extent of their devotion.

On another occasion Kimmel kept it short and not so sweet and simply told Canada it was, “time to come pick him up.”

So much ouch.

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