Video Games: NASCAR Winner Attributes Victory To The Hobby

Video games are being credited for the recent victory of a NASCAR winner.

It might seem odd that video games could teach us anything, especially anything useful, but the hobby is known to improve hand and eye coordination in real life. The Inquisitr has listed several useful, as well as useless, lessons to be learned from the hobby as well. NASCAR champion Brad Keselowski claims video games taught him how to race at Watkins Glen.

Apparently the virtual environment in an unnamed video game taught the NASCAR champion everything he needed to win at the Watkins Glen race track in New York. While it’s not unheard of that racing games such as Gran Turismo (for example) can teach us defensive driving, it is rather rare that a real-life victory can be claimed as the result of the hobby.

In Brad Keselowski’s case, it was more about beating boredom than it was about the game itself:

I remember I spent a whole summer when I was kind of locked in my parent’s shop, because I was just young enough to where they wouldn’t let me touch anything and just old enough to where I wasn’t getting a babysitter. And I remember spending a whole summer sitting on the computer in the office area running Watkins Glen as a video game. … My Mom could tell you that story. I guess it was only a month or two that you have off, but Watkins Glen was always a track I ran. It was just a place I really liked and, I don’t know, it’s hard to explain, but it’s something about this track I have a real deep appreciation for.”

Now in case anyone thinks the video games left Brad Keselowski maladjusted, fellow NASCAR drivers consider him a fairly stand-up guy. Kyle Busch can testify to the fact that Brad had a perfect opportunity to hit him just right and send him crashing into the wall, but he played fair and won not only the race, but the respect of Kyle Busch.

What do you think of NASCAR champion Brad Keselowski claiming that video games taught him to race?

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