Lady Gaga: Don’t Buy ‘Applause’ Or ‘ARTPOP,’ My Career Is Over [Video]

Lady Gaga doesn’t want you to buy her music. At least, that’s what she’s saying in her latest publicity stunt.

Lady Gaga continues to do weird things that no one understands (sometimes called “innovation”), the latest of which is a sort of anti-Gaga video released this week that urges fans not to give her “applause” by buying her new single “Applause” on YouTube.

The video is titled “Lady Gaga is Over,” and features the singer wearing a transparent mask as captions play across the screen.

“Lady Gaga is no longer relevant,” reads one.

“Ever since ‘Born This Way’ she’s a flop… Do not buy her new single ‘Applause’ on iTunes… Give her no applause… Don’t dance to the song at all… DO NOT buy ‘ARTPOP.’ ”

ARTPOP is Lady Gaga’s third studio album after 2011’s successful “Born This Way,” which arguably solidified her place in the mainstream. She has been busy promoting the album in recent weeks by shooting a fully-nude video and releasing “Applause” this week.

The track was leaked to the Internet over the weekend. An upset Lady Gaga tweeted:

“Lord in Heaven why,” she tweeted Saturday. “You just couldn’t wait. This is too much for one Saturday.”

She also invited fellow pop star Katy Perry to help her “f*** up some hackers.” Perry’s own “Roar” single was leaked as well.

Both performers are expected to break first week sales records with their new music.

Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP comes out in November. You can watch her latest bizarre video below. What do you think? I’m still of the opinion that Lady Gaga’s entire career is intentional satire of the music industry, but that’s me.

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