LeBron James Doesn’t Want To Be NBPA President

Miami Heat superstar LeBron James doesn’t want to run for the president position with the National Basketball Players’ Association.

James told ESPN last week that he was considering the position because the union was “going backwards.”

It is now believed that LeBron will endorse the candidacy of Miami Heat teammate James Jones. His teammate already serves as the treasurer of the players union.

Derek Fisher’s presidency term expired over the summer, and the players union is hoping to find a new leader when it meets next week in Las Vegas.

Speaking about the NBPA presidency, James explains:

“I just the think the union is going backwards and it’s not in a good place right now. I think my voice could be huge in that situation. But I’m not sure I have the time to do it but it’s something I’m going to think about with my team and go from there. But I think we all can agree there’s been a lot of transition in our union in the last couple of years. If it’s not me in that seat then I hope it’s someone who is comfortable with it and can do the job.”

While LeBron believes the NBA Players Union is going backwards, its executive member Jerry Stackhouse disagrees:

“He’s the best player in the game right now and we want the entire league to be involved. But he needs to be informed in speaking on our union business.”

At the start of his career, James wasn’t involved with the union much. However, over the last two years, the Heat star has attended bargaining sessions.

With LeBron James out of the running, his endorsement could go a long way in placing James Jones in the presidency.

Do you think LeBron James would be a good candidate for the NBA Players Union?

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