Royal Baby: What To Expect During Prince George’s First Year

Now that the royal baby, Prince George has been with us for almost a month, we are looking forward to all those milestones we may see or hear about regarding the future King of England.

Starting with the day he left the hospital, George’s life has been unlike that of any other new royal.

William and Kate seem to be their own people and do things in ways that are not necessarily traditional from the Palace’s point of view.

The next milestone for the young Prince is his christening and who the godparents may be. The logical choices are Kate’s sister Pippa as godmother and Prince Harry as the godfather.

As a royal, the baby is not short of possible godparents, but since the pair were bridesmaid and best man for William and Kate’s wedding, chances are they will be named godparents.

The family is to live at Apartment 1A on the grounds of Kensington Palace, where they will run things themselves, with no full time nannies and only the help of the Queen’s former housekeeper Antonella Fresolone. Oh, and Prince Harry will babysit.

Which brings us to the next point. It is expected that uncle Harry will be very involved in the baby’s life, he has been seen very taken with kids while on royal duties and stated that he wants to show the baby how to have fun, much like his mother showed him and William a fun time.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want to give their son as normal an upbringing as possible considering their station in life. And so far they are keeping to that pledge.

Prince George is also set to go on a Spring tour to Australia and New Zealand with his royal parents, the same way William did at the same age with Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

This little one has his grandmother, Princess Diana, to thank for his normality. She defied Buckingham Palace, which was set in strict tradition at the time of her sons’ birth, making things unpleasant at times, but succeeding in giving the boys normalcy.

The royal baby is the first to spend his first few weeks of life away from the Palace. Prince George’s first year should become a trend setting set of events for future royals.

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