Mountain Palace Rooftop Is Hated By Neighbors But It’s All Kinds Of Awesome

A building on top of a building might sound insane, but, in reality, it’s rather awesome. A professor in Beijing has created a mountain palace rooftop that is crazy to look at but also angering his neighbors.

According to the Beijing Morning Post, the home was builts atop a 26 story apartment building in Beijing’s Renji Mountain area.

As you can see in the photo, the home was built complete with rocks and trees to give it the real feel of a mountaintop.

The owner, Professor Zhang, spent six years building the amazing rooftop villa only to be told it was completely illegal.

Residents in the building became angered after loud construction began and then continued for an amazing six years. As expected, residents also watched as their own walls cracked and pipes leaked because of the huge weight added to the top of the building.

After receiving multiple complaints from his neighbors, inspectors from the local urban management unit came to examine the building. According to one official:

“This is definitely an illegal construction, we have issued notice to Professor Zhang, but do not know how to go forward in this case.”

In order to destroy the mountain palace rooftop, officials will need to go through a full examination and approval process. Ironically, officials must complete a long and painstaking process that Professor Zhang simply ignored during his villas construction.

Here’s to hoping the area doesn’t experience any earthquakes or lightning strikes before the demolition is complete. Both of those natural events are believed to pose danger to everyone living in the building.

In the meantime, I have to question why city officials never attempted to stop the construction of the new penthouse during the six year build. It’s kind of hard to miss.

What do you think of the crazy mountain palace rooftop?

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