2010 Cleveland Indians season in review

Another tough year for Cleveland Indians fans. Overall they wound up 69-93 and finished fourth in the American League Central. They never spent a day in first place, and wound up 25 games behind the division winning Minnesota Twins. The only glimmer of hope is they finished September with a winning record. It was the only month in which they had a winning record. While they did go a miserable 6-12 against the Twins, they did have a 38-26 record against the other four teams in their division. Of course that is balanced out with a 5-13 record in inter league play.

The Indians offense managed to score just 646 runs, which was 12th among the 14 AL teams. Shin-Soo Choo was the only regular starter to have a batting average about .300 at exactly .300. It would not surprise you to learn they struck out 1184 times, second most among the AL clubs. Their lineup also featured two regular starters who did not hit .200 in 2010. Quite simply the offense is a mess, and the team once again has some rebuilding to do.

Their pitching staff gave up 752 runs, and the team ERA was 4.30 tied for 10th among AL teams. Of course the news gets worse. Not one of their five regular starters finished the 2010 season with a winning record. They rank in the bottom third in each key stat category among the AL teams. Only Josh Tomlin who started just 12 games ended up with a winning record at 6-4.

This was Manny Acta’s first year as the Indians manger, and he has a three year contract. I would say he needs to do a lot better in 2011 to see the third year of that deal. Otherwise fixing this team seems like a Herculean task. They need, well everything so they must pick a spot and start building. In today’s MLB pitching rules the day so maybe that is where they should begin.

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